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at the Maine Grant Connection

Maine's nonprofit organizations are key to our quality of life. At Maine Grant Connection, our goal is to connect nonprofits with the funding they need to continue the vital work they do across the state, as well as helping expanding nonprofits to find the resources they need to grow.

Who Are We?

How Can We Help You?

Audrey Gup-Mathews is a professional grant writer  who has helped nonprofit organizations in Maine secure grants for a wide range of projects, from education programs to historic house renovations; 3D printers to grand pianos; and visual arts series to business lecture series. She has obtained funding from foundations and organizations such as the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Libra Foundation, Maine Arts Commission, the Gene Haas Foundation, Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust, the Onion Foundation, the Tramuto Foundation, and many others.  She is ready to connect your organization with the funding it needs to achieve its goals. 

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What We Specialize In: Pick All Services, or Just The Ones You Need!

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"Audrey is an excellent grant writer with a proven track record.  She designed a grant program for our small college and educated us about grants, deliverables, reporting and sustainability.  We also needed someone who could research and find potential grant sources.  She brought in several grants each year ranging from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars - a range that proved to be a sweet spot for the college and its needs."

- Paula Gagnon,

President, River Tree Arts
Retired Academic Dean, 

York County Community College

"One of the challenges facing nonprofits is sourcing and acquiring funding in support of an organization's programs and dreams. I have served on many Boards of Directors at leadership levels, and have used Audrey's incredible grant writing skills exclusively when organizations I work with have needed this talent. I can vouch for her ability to bring in grant funds for many projects over the years. As Director at River Tree Arts, she secured funds for art programs, musical instruments, concert series and scholarships. Her grant research and writing skills won York County Community College an impressive number of grants during her five years at the college, where I currently serve as former Chair of the YCCC Foundation Board. Her work ethic, instincts and writing skills are outstanding. I would strongly recommend her to any organization seeking grant funding."

- James Fitzgerald Jr., Agent

Coldwell Banker Realty

Immediate Past Chair, Board of Directors 

York County Community College

"Audrey's knowledge of and passion for the Maine grants community are unmatched. She is highly skilled in research and has a proven record of securing grants, both large and small, that have made such an incredible difference at our small community college. Her attention to detail is meticulous, and her follow-through on projects is outstanding. She is a true professional!"

- Danielle Ebbrecht, Director

Student Success Commons

York County Community College

Let’s Get Down To Business! 

      If you would like a free, "no obligation" consultation, please contact the Maine Grant Connection at the email or phone below. Let's get the conversation started! 

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